Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit Review

Looking to elevate your beard game? Dive into the world of Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit. This all-inclusive set includes essential tools like a 100% Boar Beard Brush, Wooden Comb, nourishing Beard Balm, luxurious Beard Oil, and precision Beard & Mustache Scissors. Get ready to transform your grooming routine with this comprehensive kit in a sleek Metal Box. Time to level up your beard maintenance!

Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit – Complete Set

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Great grooming kit!
The Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit for Men offers a comprehensive grooming solution with high-quality tools including a boar beard brush, wooden comb, balm, oil, and scissors in a convenient metal box. While some users found certain items less essential, the kit’s affordability, quality, and versatile styling options make it a suitable choice for men looking to maintain a stylish beard.
Benefits of Kit
  • High-quality brush and comb
  • Affordable price
  • Nice scent of the balm
  • Comes with two combs
  • Sturdy tin packaging
Disappointing Product Experience
  • Scissors are not high quality
  • Kit includes extraneous items

The Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit for Men is a perfect holiday gift idea for any man looking to elevate his grooming routine. This comprehensive kit includes essential tools such as a 100% Boar Beard Brush, Wooden Comb, Beard Balm, Beard Oil, and Beard & Mustache Scissors, all neatly packaged in a sleek metal box. With a model number of VRBCKS and a color of Beard Care Kit, this 6-piece set is designed to cater to the needs of any man with a beard.

The Wooden Boars Hair Beard Brush and Double Sided Pocket Beard Comb ensure that your beard stays well-groomed and tangle-free. The Unscented Beard Care Oil and Citrus Scent Beard Styling Balm provide moisture and nourishment to the facial hair, leaving it soft and manageable. The addition of Beard & Mustache Scissors allows for precise trimming and shaping, giving the user full control over their beard style.

Product Details
  • Part Number: VRBCK
  • Model: VRBCKS
  • Color: Beard Care Kit
  • Size: 6 Piece Set
  • Includes: 100% Boar Beard Brush, Wooden Comb, Beard Balm, Beard Oil, Beard & Mustache Scissors
  • Packaging: Metal Box

Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, the Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit for Men offers everything needed to maintain a healthy and stylish beard. This kit is an adult product that caters to the needs of men who take pride in their grooming routine and want to achieve a well-kempt beard look.

Complete Beard Care Solution
  • 100% Boar Beard Brush
  • Wooden Comb
  • Beard Balm
  • Beard Oil
  • Beard & Mustache Scissors
  • Metal Box

Product Overview

The Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit is a comprehensive grooming set designed for men looking to maintain a healthy and stylish beard. This kit includes essential items such as a 100% Boar Beard Brush, a Wooden Comb, Beard Balm, Beard Oil, and Beard & Mustache Scissors, all neatly packaged in a Metal Box. The kit offers a complete solution for grooming and shaping your beard with high-quality tools.

Customer Reviews

One reviewer praised the kit for its great quality and variety of items. They particularly liked the scent of the balm and the effectiveness of the brush and comb. Another customer appreciated the neutral scent of the products, making them suitable for everyday use. However, some reviewers found the scissors to be of lower quality compared to the other items in the kit.

Pros and Cons

Pros: The Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit provides a range of grooming tools in a convenient metal box. The balm has a pleasant scent, and the inclusion of two combs allows for versatile styling options. The price point of the kit is also mentioned positively in reviews.

Cons: Some users found the scissors to be lacking in quality, and a few felt that certain items in the kit were not as essential for daily grooming routines. It may be more practical to invest in a high-quality brush and beard oil separately.

Final Thoughts

The Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit for Men offers a well-rounded selection of grooming essentials to help men maintain their beards. While the kit received praise for its quality and affordability, some users found certain items to be less essential. Overall, if you are looking for a comprehensive grooming set at a reasonable price, this kit could be a suitable choice.

Choosing the Right Beard Grooming Kit

When selecting a beard grooming kit, it’s important to consider a few key factors. First, look for a kit that includes essential items such as a high-quality beard trimmer, scissors, comb, and beard oil or balm. Make sure the trimmer has adjustable settings to achieve different beard lengths. Additionally, choose a kit that suits your specific grooming needs, whether you have a short stubble or a long, full beard. Consider the brand reputation and read reviews to ensure the kit is durable and effective. Lastly, check for any additional features or accessories that may come with the kit, such as a carrying case or cleaning brush. By keeping these factors in mind, you can select a beard grooming kit that helps you maintain a well-groomed and stylish beard.

  • Variety of products: Ensure the kit includes essential beard grooming products such as beard oil, beard balm, beard brush, and beard comb
  • High-quality ingredients: Check if the products are made from natural and nourishing ingredients to promote healthy beard growth and skin
  • Scent options: Choose a kit with scents that you prefer, whether it’s a subtle fragrance or a more noticeable one
  • Packaging: Consider the presentation of the kit, as it can make a great gift or add a touch of luxury to your grooming routine
  • Reviews: Look for customer reviews to gauge the quality and effectiveness of the products included in the kit
  • Price: Compare the price of the kit with similar products on the market to ensure you are getting a good value for your money
  • Brand reputation: Check the reputation of Viking Revolution as a brand known for its quality grooming products

Warning Signs that the Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit may not be for you.

  • If you do not have a beard or do not intend to grow one, this product is not for you
  • If you have allergies or sensitivities to any of the ingredients in the beard balm or oil, it may not be suitable for you
  • If you do not use grooming tools like a beard brush or comb, then this kit may not be necessary for you
  • If you prefer a simpler grooming routine without multiple products, this kit may be too elaborate for your needs
  • If you are looking for products specifically tailored for a different type of facial hair, such as stubble or a clean-shaven look, this kit may not be suitable for you

Grooming Essentials for Modern Vikings

  • Beard Oil: A grooming product made of natural oils to moisturize and condition the beard, reducing dryness and itchiness
  • Beard Balm: Another grooming product similar to beard oil, but with added wax for shaping and styling the beard
  • Boar Bristle Brush: A brush made from the bristles of a boar used to distribute oils evenly through the beard, detangle hair, and exfoliate the skin
  • Beard Comb: A tool with wide teeth designed to detangle and style the beard, helping distribute products evenly and maintain a neat appearance
  • Trimming Scissors: Small, sharp scissors designed for trimming and shaping the beard, allowing for precision grooming
  • Beard Wash: A specialized cleanser formulated to clean the beard and the skin underneath without stripping away natural oils
  • Beard Shampoo: Similar to beard wash but with a foaming action, used to cleanse the beard and remove dirt, oils, and impurities
  • Travel Case: A compact and durable case designed to hold all the grooming tools and products for easy transportation and organization

Beard Grooming Kit FAQs

What are the benefits of using a boar beard brush?

Using a boar beard brush has several benefits for maintaining and grooming a beard. The natural bristles of a boar beard brush help to distribute natural oils evenly throughout the beard, resulting in a softer and healthier beard. It also helps to exfoliate the skin underneath the beard, preventing ingrown hairs and promoting better blood circulation. Additionally, a boar beard brush can help to shape and style the beard more effectively compared to synthetic brushes.

How to use Viking Revolution Beard Balm?

To use Viking Revolution Beard Balm, you should start by scooping a small amount of balm using your fingertips. Rub the balm between your palms to warm it up and then apply it to your beard, focusing on the roots and working it through to the ends. Gently massage the balm into your beard to ensure even distribution. Style your beard as desired. The balm helps to moisturize, condition, and sculpt your beard.

Can a beard grooming kit be customized or tailored to individual grooming routines or preferences?

Yes, a beard grooming kit can be customized or tailored to individual grooming routines or preferences. Some beard care kits offer the option to mix and match products based on personal preferences, such as selecting specific types of oils, balms, combs, brushes, or scissors. Additionally, individuals can also choose to add or remove items from a grooming kit to better suit their specific needs.

How do you choose the right beard grooming kit based on your beard type and style preferences?

When choosing the right beard grooming kit based on your beard type and style preferences, consider the ingredients in the beard products included in the kit. For example, if you have a sensitive skin or beard, you may want to opt for products that are fragrance-free or made with natural ingredients. Additionally, the tools in the kit, such as the beard brush and comb, should be suitable for your beard length and thickness. It’s also important to consider the specific needs of your beard, such as hydration, styling, or maintenance, and choose a kit that addresses those needs. Ultimately, selecting a beard grooming kit that aligns with your beard type and style preferences will help you achieve the best results in maintaining and styling your beard.

Is the wooden comb in the kit durable?

The wooden comb included in the Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit is typically made with high-quality materials and designed to be durable. It is intended to withstand regular use and provide effective grooming for your beard.

What essential grooming tools should a beard grooming kit include?

A beard grooming kit should include essential tools like a quality beard brush, a comb for detangling and shaping, beard balm or oil for conditioning and styling, and scissors for trimming and shaping the beard and mustache. These tools help maintain a healthy and well-groomed beard.

Are there any specific ingredients or materials to look for in high-quality beard grooming products within a kit?

Yes, there are specific ingredients and materials to look for in high-quality beard grooming products within a kit. Some key ingredients to look for in beard grooming products are natural oils like jojoba oil, argan oil, or coconut oil, as they help to moisturize and condition the beard. Other beneficial ingredients can include shea butter, beeswax, and essential oils for fragrance. When it comes to tools like brushes and combs, high-quality materials such as wood or natural bristles like boar hair are preferred as they are gentle on the beard and help distribute products evenly. Metal tools like stainless steel scissors can also be a sign of quality and durability.

Experience the ultimate grooming routine with the Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit for Men. Elevate your beard game with premium essentials packaged in a sleek metal box.


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  1. Lila Rae Avatar
    Lila Rae

    Could you provide more details on the specific issues with the scissors and extraneous items?

  2. Hank Avatar

    I’ve been using the Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit for a few months now, and I can attest to the quality of the comb and brush. They have held up well and are very effective in grooming my beard.

    1. Editor Team Avatar

      We appreciate your insight! It’s great to hear about your positive experience with the comb and brush.

  3. Izzy Avatar

    How long have you been using the kit, and have you noticed any wear and tear on the tools over time?

  4. Max Avatar

    Any tips on how to properly use the beard balm and oil for best results?

    1. Editor Team Avatar

      To use the beard balm, simply scoop out a small amount, rub it between your palms, and then apply it evenly across your beard. For the oil, start with a few drops and massage it into your beard and skin. This will help keep your beard healthy and moisturized.

  5. Elle Avatar

    I agree with the review on the affordability and quality of the kit. It’s a great value for the price!

    1. Editor Team Avatar

      We’re glad to hear you share the same positive sentiments about the kit’s value. Thank you for your comment!

  6. Quinn Avatar

    Thank you for your feedback! We will consider providing more in-depth information on the scissors and other items in the next review.

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    Can you suggest other beard care kits that have received good reviews on Amazon for comparison?

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